BARRY FLEET SERVICES is proud to be the primary operator on special services vehicles in the Waller County area! We offer a range of services and maintenance for ambulances, fire trucks, police department and sheriff’s department vehicles. There is nothing we can’t handle for the men and women who serve our area! Please call us at (979) 826-8717 or e-mail us for more information or a quote.

BARRY FLEET SERVICES is now installing DIGITAL ALLY! This mobile digital video monitoring system has reporting and management capabilities for all types of worn or in-car applications, like police, sheriff and other law enforcement vehicles, and emergency vehicles like healthcare and fire department. Digital Ally can also be used in taxi cabs, limousine, para-transit and other transportation, security, towing, and utility vehicles. This system has control options that range from compact DVRs and replacement rear-view mirrors to laptops/MDCs and remote options. Digital Ally offers a variety of body, physical locations and mounting options. Different mounting location options allow for the system to be used in any size or style of vehicle. For more information on Digital Ally, CLICK HERE to visit their website!

Did you know that we offer MOBILE REPAIR SERVICES? That’s right! If you’re having problems with your vehicle and can’t make it to the shop, we will come to you! Just give us a call at our office and help will be on the way!

Office: (979) 826-8717